Loving Legs

So what exactly is Loving Legs?

Mission: The Loving Legs Inc. mission is to engage, enrich and empower persons that have experienced a loss of a limb or similar trauma to enhance their lives through supportive services, prosthetic and assistive device education and to encourage successful career and domestic options by presenting physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health guidance.

We offer Community Enrichment Events & Interactive Family Workshops. You will find a list of a few workshops

  • Successful Living (Life Skills)

  • Performance Arts (Dance/Drama)

  • Computer & Technology Training

  • Health, Wellness, Fitness & Nutrition

  • Emotional, Spiritual, Financial & Relational Balance

We are building bosses with ABILITY by inspiring and empowering disabled women across the globe to enhance every ability in their body so that they can have a life by design, not by default. We want to inspire women to believe that they have every ability they need.

Disability has no physical look. Whatever your disability may be, we are here to help you overcome those obstacles while turning them into ABILITIES. Our program was created with you in mind.